Agatha Christie Print Shirt...

Shirt - Zara, Jacket - Topshop, Shoes - New Look, Skirt - American Apparel, Necklace - Alexis Dove, Puppy - Agatha Christie

Okay... so I probably look like a mad old cat (sorry, dog) woman buying a shirt with Jack Russels on it when I actually have a Jack Russel but whatever. Isn't it sweet?! I probably would have got it even if I wasn't the proud owner of Agatha Christie - and she's a fan too, sitting here and resting her little head on the keyboard (not the most convenient thing in the world but there we are).
The outfit overall is a little bit weird I suppose - my take on a 'school uniform' (not in an odd way). My school uniforms were always hideous (full length grey woolen pleated skirt anyone?) and, as I'm sure I've written before, I long to be a schoolgirl in the 1930s so this is sort of emulating that... I think this makes far more sense in my head than it ever will on paper / the internet. Sorry readers!
I am also sorry I have been a bit of a useless poster. I really have no idea how people with fulltime jobs do it. I've been dashing about the country yet again training for work - it is exhausting! This week, I'm working across three counties and London but will snapping some more ('interesting') outfit photos along the way (if I'm not asleep that is!)
In other news, I went to the Rye bonfire this weekend - I know it's probably over in your neck of the woods but bonfires are a huge thing in Sussex (literally don't ask me why - despite my history degree, I know nothing) so it's always been a tradition to pop down the road, see some effigy or other be burnt and 'ooh' and 'aah' at the fireworks. Cliched I know, but it makes the grim autumn go that little bit quicker...
Until next time,
Saskia ♥
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Rabbit Fever

Playsuit: Asos, Cardigan: Primark Kids' department, Shoes: New Look, Earrings: Tiffany, Necklace: Lion Street Store

Hello everyone - happy weekend! Hope it's been lovely and sunny where you all are like it has here in Sussex. Perhaps the autumn's not that bad after all...

So, this is probably a bit of a weird outfit and certainly 'rabbitastic' but people tell me I can carry off anything (please see the swan neckalce for confirmation of this!) and I am a huge rabbit fan, so there we are. This playsuit reminds me of a) being 4 years old and b) this summer where I wore it for picnics and parties and probably the most inappropriate of places (oh yes - I wore it to work and got told off for being 'ridiculous' by someone embarrasingly senior. Oops) but clothing is supposed to be fun right?! I think my 'who of whoville' hairstyle (entirely unintentional) and necklace really complete the 'escaped from an asylum' chic look. Ideal.

In other news, I've been cavorting (not literally) around the country on the job hunt - ahh, the joys of being a freelancer! If someone in the broadcast media industry is reading this (pray God they're not) please employ me fulltime - I'm amazing, despite my dubious dress sense!

This weekend, I have mostly been doing a little shopping (has anyone else started Christmas shopping yet or am I just abnormal? Seems to make sense this year for some reason...) and drinking hot chocolate and cooking Mexican (for dindins, not breakie. Ugh.)

Right - enough rabbiting (HA). Enjoy the rest of your weekends and I will be back to blog some more ASAP (bet you can't wait...)

Saskia ♥
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