Owl be back...

Shirt: Zara, Velvet leggings: Topshop, Shoes: Chanel, Ring: faux Arty

Hello everyone!
I am in fact back - there is no 'owl' about it. Ha! I am so sorry to have been such a deserter... I have been madly busy as per usual but it's no excuse. I honestly don't know how the established bloggers do it - especially if they have full time jobs..? It really is an actual Christmas miracle.
And talking of the festive season - it's beginning to look a look like Christmas. Isn't it?! The bottom photo here is my 'official' (bad quality, poorly instagrammed) Christmas snap. I am such a sucker for a Christmas sweater (my hideously frequent use of the 'C' word here is, journalistically, appalling - I am beating myself up). I got this little cracker (ha) from Primark boys' department in September and have had it squirrelled away until now. And yes, I did say boys' dept - I am officially the same size as a 12 year old boy; hooray..?! Agatha Christie obviously had to get into the action too - notice her amazing Accessorize sweater. Oh, and the antlers. Poor Aggie!
On a less festive note, the shirt in the first couple of pictures is a big favourite. I bloody love an owl - and so a multitude of our feathered friends and studs is an absolute winner in my eyes. Similarly, these leggings are barely leaving my legs (where else?) at the moment. I am not a trousery person but again, the studs just a little je ne sais quois and they are super comfortable and slightly stylish I think. I'm doing night shifts at the moment (ugh) and they are presentable but not hideously starchy when it gets to 4am.
Okay, I have to go back to work (it's 3am hooray!!) but I'm planning to blog again tomorrow - that'll be a turn up for the books...
Saskia ♥

Agatha Christie Print Shirt...

Shirt - Zara, Jacket - Topshop, Shoes - New Look, Skirt - American Apparel, Necklace - Alexis Dove, Puppy - Agatha Christie

Okay... so I probably look like a mad old cat (sorry, dog) woman buying a shirt with Jack Russels on it when I actually have a Jack Russel but whatever. Isn't it sweet?! I probably would have got it even if I wasn't the proud owner of Agatha Christie - and she's a fan too, sitting here and resting her little head on the keyboard (not the most convenient thing in the world but there we are).
The outfit overall is a little bit weird I suppose - my take on a 'school uniform' (not in an odd way). My school uniforms were always hideous (full length grey woolen pleated skirt anyone?) and, as I'm sure I've written before, I long to be a schoolgirl in the 1930s so this is sort of emulating that... I think this makes far more sense in my head than it ever will on paper / the internet. Sorry readers!
I am also sorry I have been a bit of a useless poster. I really have no idea how people with fulltime jobs do it. I've been dashing about the country yet again training for work - it is exhausting! This week, I'm working across three counties and London but will snapping some more ('interesting') outfit photos along the way (if I'm not asleep that is!)
In other news, I went to the Rye bonfire this weekend - I know it's probably over in your neck of the woods but bonfires are a huge thing in Sussex (literally don't ask me why - despite my history degree, I know nothing) so it's always been a tradition to pop down the road, see some effigy or other be burnt and 'ooh' and 'aah' at the fireworks. Cliched I know, but it makes the grim autumn go that little bit quicker...
Until next time,
Saskia ♥
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Rabbit Fever

Playsuit: Asos, Cardigan: Primark Kids' department, Shoes: New Look, Earrings: Tiffany, Necklace: Lion Street Store

Hello everyone - happy weekend! Hope it's been lovely and sunny where you all are like it has here in Sussex. Perhaps the autumn's not that bad after all...

So, this is probably a bit of a weird outfit and certainly 'rabbitastic' but people tell me I can carry off anything (please see the swan neckalce for confirmation of this!) and I am a huge rabbit fan, so there we are. This playsuit reminds me of a) being 4 years old and b) this summer where I wore it for picnics and parties and probably the most inappropriate of places (oh yes - I wore it to work and got told off for being 'ridiculous' by someone embarrasingly senior. Oops) but clothing is supposed to be fun right?! I think my 'who of whoville' hairstyle (entirely unintentional) and necklace really complete the 'escaped from an asylum' chic look. Ideal.

In other news, I've been cavorting (not literally) around the country on the job hunt - ahh, the joys of being a freelancer! If someone in the broadcast media industry is reading this (pray God they're not) please employ me fulltime - I'm amazing, despite my dubious dress sense!

This weekend, I have mostly been doing a little shopping (has anyone else started Christmas shopping yet or am I just abnormal? Seems to make sense this year for some reason...) and drinking hot chocolate and cooking Mexican (for dindins, not breakie. Ugh.)

Right - enough rabbiting (HA). Enjoy the rest of your weekends and I will be back to blog some more ASAP (bet you can't wait...)

Saskia ♥
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On the good ship lollipop...

Coat - Jack Wills; Dress - Zara; Boots - Zara


So, as an absolute and utter country bumpkin / seaside resident, I often go for rambles on the beach with my puppy Agatha Christie. As it so often torrentially raining / windy as... a wind farm (?!) / nippy noodles, I decided that although I am not in the slightest bit practical (seriously, if I try to change my bed, I end up wearing a Cath Kidston ghost costume) I really needed a coat so as not to perish on the treachorous path to making Agatha a happy dog. Ha.
That was a very long-winded way of saying I love this coat. I would usually never touch Jack Wills with a barge pole (except on very special occasions), I saw this at Bicester and felt I needed it in my life. Although I look like a mad old fisherman (apt for the Sussex coast, although I am roughly 40 years too young for that particular pursuit) as a sailor outfit fanatic, the lining just sung to me. Look at it - anchortastic!
Enough rambling now. I hope you're all enjoying your weekends. As I write this (at not quite 5pm) it is almost dark outside. How depressing! I want summer back now please...
A bientot,
Saskia ♥

Merci Beaucoup

Jumper: ASOS, Skirt: H&M, Necklace: Lion Street Store (post on that amazing shop to come)

I must just say 'merci beacoup'  to all of you out there who read this blog - for putting up with my long abandonment... I promised when starting this blog that I would not neglect it like I did my last but here we are... What can I say? Life got in the way! I've been all over the place (literally) with work and while I'd happily blog, I have no time (in daylight) to take any pictures and so I think my ramblings with no illustration would be rather dull - to say the least.

However, I nabbed my mother in between showers this morning to snap me in my finery (ahem) so I now have a LOT of posts planned for the coming weeks. I do hope you won't all have given up on me!

The little pictures are of my amazing / quirky / plain weird swan necklace from The Lion Street Store in Rye (East Sussex). It is the best shop ever. I visited today and will put up a little feature (as I'm all about lifestyle as well as 'fashion'...) some time soon. The other snapshot is of a scarecrow festival / fete at my local church. These particular scarecrows are a very authentic Adam and Eve. Beautiful.

Until next time (soon, I promise)...

Saskia ♥

The end of summer...

Dress: Primark, Boater: Primark, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Topman, Dog: Agatha Christie!


So, I think it's fair to say this will probably be the last decent weekend of summer. Qu'elle dommage! It's been a bit hopeless so I thought I'd put on a summery outfit (and risk the shivering!) and pop out. I went to a village fete (my favourite thing - so English!) and did some baking (lemon and lavender cupcakes. Delish.) I sound like such an old woman, but I think it's just because I wish I lived in the 1930s - oh well, being born 60 years too late isn't too awful I suppose!

Not much else to report really - work has been stressful (and to think I've got another 45 years of it to look forward to...) and I'm going to London on Tuesday. That obviously isn't exciting considering I lived there until about 2 weeks ago, but I miss it already. Can't wait to hit some non-parochial-sized shops and to pop to one of my other favourite places - other than a village fete - Laduree.

See you when I'm morbidly obese through eating too many macaroons. Ha!

Saskia ♥

Working woman

Jacket: River Island, Dress: Zara, Sunglasses: Poundland..., Shoes: Chanel, Ring: Topshop


If I had one piece of advice, it would be this: marry well.

I'm just joking, but - honestly - isn't working exhausting?! Unbelivable - oh well, it's nearly le weekend, hooray!

Thought I'd just pop up a couple of snaps of my latest working outfit - to be perfectly honest, I probably put more effort into my 'look' than I do to my work (I am joking - but I do try to make a bit of an effort).

Obviously, I don't wear my sunglasses while in the office but otherwise they don't leave my face - a colleague stole them today so they are still at work, Lord knows what I'll do in the morning..!

Life hasn't been all work and no play though (work / life balance and all that). Oh no - I've also been to the beach and to a maritime festival - I love a good maritime festival; perhaps I'll just run away and become a sailor...

Saskia ♥

A trip to Lewes

Boater: Primark, Sunglasses: Poundland (!), Top: Zara, Shorts: Topshop, Bag: Ebay, Shoes: Chanel


 So, one of the nicest towns in East Sussex (let's not mention Hastings and Eastbourne etc. etc.) is, in my very humble opinion, Lewes. It's almost in West Sussex (pres de Brighton) but let's not hold that against it!

This  weekend, I had tickets to several shows and exhibitions at London Fashion Week but having just started an exhausting new job, I thought I'd just stay around the local area - and ending up having a great (if albeit relatively fashion-free) time.

I cracked out my favourite pair of shorts (I must have had them for about a decade, back from Topshop's golden age...) horribly battered Chanel shoes and a bizarre cat-print top and ate an afternoon tea of kings - curiosity cola, earl grey and rose and pistachio macaron. I also got my 21st birthday presents - months late (but I suppose it continues the celebrations...) from adorable local jeweler Alexis Dove (it's the rabbit necklace, if you're interested).

A good day was had by all - and I definitely recommend a visit to Lewes if you're in this fine corner of our fair country...

Saskia ♥

Hello and welcome to Saskia's Attic

Hi everyone - welcome to my blog Saskia's Attic. I used to blog (rarely) over at idratherhaveacupoftea.blogspot.com on nail art and general lifestyle. I had a think and, as I've abandoned it quite cruelly, think it's the best bet to start this blog. I have quite a busy working life so it will be a nice break to write / post pictures of things currently floating my boat - hopefully I won't forget to blog quite so often this time...

A quick introduction: I'm a journalist (not really pretend, but certainly just starting out), early 20s with a history degree and a masters (although that makes me sound more of a smart cookie than I am!). I've just left east London to move back home to East Sussex right by the sea which is quite a contrast to the lights fantastic of our fine capital city (I miss it already). I love clothing (but not high fashion per se), going to the theatre, my puppy Agatha Christie (above - trouncing the competition at a dog show!), pretending I'm an evacuee, cocktail bars, country rambles and journalism. I am aware how hideously cliched that all sounds - but hopefully I'll put my own individual twist on cliche-central.

Hope you'll enjoy the blog - happy reading!

Saskia ♥
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