Hello and welcome to Saskia's Attic

Hi everyone - welcome to my blog Saskia's Attic. I used to blog (rarely) over at idratherhaveacupoftea.blogspot.com on nail art and general lifestyle. I had a think and, as I've abandoned it quite cruelly, think it's the best bet to start this blog. I have quite a busy working life so it will be a nice break to write / post pictures of things currently floating my boat - hopefully I won't forget to blog quite so often this time...

A quick introduction: I'm a journalist (not really pretend, but certainly just starting out), early 20s with a history degree and a masters (although that makes me sound more of a smart cookie than I am!). I've just left east London to move back home to East Sussex right by the sea which is quite a contrast to the lights fantastic of our fine capital city (I miss it already). I love clothing (but not high fashion per se), going to the theatre, my puppy Agatha Christie (above - trouncing the competition at a dog show!), pretending I'm an evacuee, cocktail bars, country rambles and journalism. I am aware how hideously cliched that all sounds - but hopefully I'll put my own individual twist on cliche-central.

Hope you'll enjoy the blog - happy reading!

Saskia ♥


  1. Hi Saskia! Thanks for dropping by at my blog www.sweetjellybean.com. Glad you found me via bbloggers. :-)

  2. I love this photo! Your style is lovely x


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