A trip to Lewes

Boater: Primark, Sunglasses: Poundland (!), Top: Zara, Shorts: Topshop, Bag: Ebay, Shoes: Chanel


 So, one of the nicest towns in East Sussex (let's not mention Hastings and Eastbourne etc. etc.) is, in my very humble opinion, Lewes. It's almost in West Sussex (pres de Brighton) but let's not hold that against it!

This  weekend, I had tickets to several shows and exhibitions at London Fashion Week but having just started an exhausting new job, I thought I'd just stay around the local area - and ending up having a great (if albeit relatively fashion-free) time.

I cracked out my favourite pair of shorts (I must have had them for about a decade, back from Topshop's golden age...) horribly battered Chanel shoes and a bizarre cat-print top and ate an afternoon tea of kings - curiosity cola, earl grey and rose and pistachio macaron. I also got my 21st birthday presents - months late (but I suppose it continues the celebrations...) from adorable local jeweler Alexis Dove (it's the rabbit necklace, if you're interested).

A good day was had by all - and I definitely recommend a visit to Lewes if you're in this fine corner of our fair country...

Saskia ♥


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