The end of summer...

Dress: Primark, Boater: Primark, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Topman, Dog: Agatha Christie!


So, I think it's fair to say this will probably be the last decent weekend of summer. Qu'elle dommage! It's been a bit hopeless so I thought I'd put on a summery outfit (and risk the shivering!) and pop out. I went to a village fete (my favourite thing - so English!) and did some baking (lemon and lavender cupcakes. Delish.) I sound like such an old woman, but I think it's just because I wish I lived in the 1930s - oh well, being born 60 years too late isn't too awful I suppose!

Not much else to report really - work has been stressful (and to think I've got another 45 years of it to look forward to...) and I'm going to London on Tuesday. That obviously isn't exciting considering I lived there until about 2 weeks ago, but I miss it already. Can't wait to hit some non-parochial-sized shops and to pop to one of my other favourite places - other than a village fete - Laduree.

See you when I'm morbidly obese through eating too many macaroons. Ha!

Saskia ♥


  1. I took one look at that first pic and just knew you are from UK. What a sweet blue dress, too.
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover


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