On the good ship lollipop...

Coat - Jack Wills; Dress - Zara; Boots - Zara


So, as an absolute and utter country bumpkin / seaside resident, I often go for rambles on the beach with my puppy Agatha Christie. As it so often torrentially raining / windy as... a wind farm (?!) / nippy noodles, I decided that although I am not in the slightest bit practical (seriously, if I try to change my bed, I end up wearing a Cath Kidston ghost costume) I really needed a coat so as not to perish on the treachorous path to making Agatha a happy dog. Ha.
That was a very long-winded way of saying I love this coat. I would usually never touch Jack Wills with a barge pole (except on very special occasions), I saw this at Bicester and felt I needed it in my life. Although I look like a mad old fisherman (apt for the Sussex coast, although I am roughly 40 years too young for that particular pursuit) as a sailor outfit fanatic, the lining just sung to me. Look at it - anchortastic!
Enough rambling now. I hope you're all enjoying your weekends. As I write this (at not quite 5pm) it is almost dark outside. How depressing! I want summer back now please...
A bientot,
Saskia ♥


  1. I love the rain coat too, the colour is great! :)

  2. Thank You for following my blog I'm now following you back.

  3. This jacket is soooo cute and so bright which i love! You look great :)


  4. Bonjour Saskia, just had a little look around your blog, love your entertaining way with words, I think you'll make a fine journalist! I am now following you :) Please pop over to mine if you get time, and follow back if you like it, merci x

  5. wow, that raincoat is so cool! :) And such a cute blog, followed xx



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