Owl be back...

Shirt: Zara, Velvet leggings: Topshop, Shoes: Chanel, Ring: faux Arty

Hello everyone!
I am in fact back - there is no 'owl' about it. Ha! I am so sorry to have been such a deserter... I have been madly busy as per usual but it's no excuse. I honestly don't know how the established bloggers do it - especially if they have full time jobs..? It really is an actual Christmas miracle.
And talking of the festive season - it's beginning to look a look like Christmas. Isn't it?! The bottom photo here is my 'official' (bad quality, poorly instagrammed) Christmas snap. I am such a sucker for a Christmas sweater (my hideously frequent use of the 'C' word here is, journalistically, appalling - I am beating myself up). I got this little cracker (ha) from Primark boys' department in September and have had it squirrelled away until now. And yes, I did say boys' dept - I am officially the same size as a 12 year old boy; hooray..?! Agatha Christie obviously had to get into the action too - notice her amazing Accessorize sweater. Oh, and the antlers. Poor Aggie!
On a less festive note, the shirt in the first couple of pictures is a big favourite. I bloody love an owl - and so a multitude of our feathered friends and studs is an absolute winner in my eyes. Similarly, these leggings are barely leaving my legs (where else?) at the moment. I am not a trousery person but again, the studs just a little je ne sais quois and they are super comfortable and slightly stylish I think. I'm doing night shifts at the moment (ugh) and they are presentable but not hideously starchy when it gets to 4am.
Okay, I have to go back to work (it's 3am hooray!!) but I'm planning to blog again tomorrow - that'll be a turn up for the books...
Saskia ♥

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  1. Hi Saskia, I think you (and Agatha!) look adorably festive :)x


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